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Electronic Displays Center


The Electronic Displays Center regards itself as a service center with a lot of locally available experience as well as a wide range of services. It wants to make needed expertise for technical solutions available precisely there and when it is required by companies. On the one hand, this creates synergies for companies that deal with related high technology topics: from basic research in physics, to software development, verification activities and technical marketing. On the other hand, this forms a network with many globally well-connected specialists on the subject of display and luminous sources.

On our premises in Gundersheim we offer 1,000 of the total 4,000 square meters to other companies for rent to use it as offices, functional rooms and clean rooms. The site is located about 40 minutes' of driving away from Frankfurt Airport due to its direct access to the A61 motorway. The central location in Germany qualifies it also as a German subsidiary for international companies.

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