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  • We are your central point for electronic displays, optical bonding and bug fixing

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A Licomet, please!

Umzug (c) Wammes & Partner GmbH

Wammes und Partner GmbH presents a new service for interdisciplinary operations on electronic displays and HMIs

Electronic Displays Center Gundersheim, 18 July 2017. Measurement of light and color, analysis, description. As an acronym for "light and color measurement" Licomet on the one hand stands for a multitude of interdisciplinary, technical services for current and upcoming embedded display solutions and HMIs (human machine interfaces). On the other hand, it stands for trouble shooting such as technical analysis, documentation and bug fixing.

"Licomet can be used for all 2D or 3D applications, concepts and devices that use light as a medium. It is, in this sense, the designation of a category of service packages with different but mutually related technical content", explains Klaus Wammes, Managing Director of Wammes & Partner GmbH.

Licomet is thus a standardized concept of a genus. Similar to designations such as semi-manufactured products, technical drawings or "white goods", it is specified in the context of the use. For example, Wammes und Partner are using standardized service packages such as seminars, workshops or training courses under the item numbers Licomet 01 to 04. Instead, Licomet 05 to 09, combine different optical analyzes and investigations of functional units. Higher article numbers describe additional, usually combined application- or also company-specific performance packages. A detailed overview is available on request.

Wammes: "Surely, there are already some individual services of this kind. However, under a variety of names or terms. A solid conceptuality is intended to provide easier access to the understanding of complex technical effects for light and electronic displays. The standardized service packages enable clients to manage and retrieve their own orders more easily."


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