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  • We are your central point for electronic displays, optical bonding and bug fixing

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Electronic displays center is growing

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Umzug (c) Wammes & Partner GmbH

New machines and additional competences are soon to expand the portfolio

Electronic Displays Center Gundersheim, 27 April 2017. New large machines are currently being installed. Together with their associated team, they are extending the possibilities in the Electronic Display Center to include additional processes in the areas of high vacuum (room temperature to high temperature), organic and inorganic coatings as well as solid state processes with high frequency activation. Such processes are required, for example, for new light sources which in contrast to LEDs are not bothered by high temperatures or VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

"A major challenge was the installation of the equipment. A total of three tractor-trailers, a low loader and a heavy-duty crane were used to transport the small and large machines" explains Klaus Wammes, one of the drivers behind the idea of an Electronic Display Center in Gundersheim. The on-site infrastructure had to be prepared in such a way that all media, such as technical gases, high-pressure compressed clean air, energy, and an integrated process heating and cooling system, could be provided cost-effectively in the required dimensions and quality.

Wammes: "We are very pleased that, with the new technological possibilities, the expertise on the ground will also increase and synergy effects for joint projects will be improved." The Electronic Displays Center is a technology park for high-tech companies in the field of applied physics. The site has a total of around 4,000 square meters of offices, as well as functional and clean rooms on a 20,000 square meter site. Due to its central location within Germany, with direct access to the Autobahn A61 and an approximately 40-minute drive away from Frankfurt Airport, it is also a German branch for internationally operating companies.



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