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  • We are your central point for electronic displays, optical bonding and bug fixing

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Running out the clock

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Klaus Wammes_Portrait

Wammes & Partner GmbH shows: Long-term availability of displays is unnecessarily short

Gundersheim, February 2nd 2016. The long-term availability of industrially used displays is assessed incorrectly already before their use, with far-reaching consequences. This results in an evaluation of Wammes & Partner GmbH. As a specialist in research and production in the field of optoelectronics, the company is the first point of contact and assistance point for industrial problems, especially in the field of electronic flat panel displays. The evaluation of customer orders and requests shows that already simple, preventive measures could increase the long-term availability significantly.

For Klaus Wammes, CEO of Wammes & Partner GmbH, long-term availability not only means that a display is working long enough. It also means that products and parts, are available long enough and adequately. Therefore, the most common causes of display ephemerality are the partly conscious choice to use not compatible materials and processes, the ignorance of supply, specification and application fields of displays or deficient thoughtful budgeting and pricing decisions.

This has significant consequences for producers, distributors and users. Thus for the former outsourcing and alleged saving only firstly creates benefits. Lost expertise and lack of experience later have to be purchased expensively elsewhere. The rest receives partially defective products that have been sold and used in the supply chain regardless of the involved others.

Wammes: "Long-term availability is project-oriented, of course. Without knowing exactly what claim is met, no general statement can be given.” Nevertheless, for the expert long-term availability is a joint challenge precisely due to the individual customer requirements. When display manufacturers, distributors, system integrators and users work with exactly the same definitions and the same understanding, significant progress in the long-term availability is possible.


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